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24th February 18
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2008-2009 News

Experience, Imagine, Explore and Learn


Going bananas for Fair Trade


Everyone went bananas  for banana milkshakes during Fairtrade Fortnight to raise the profile of Fairtrade issues. Children are encouraged to think about where food is sourced  and who benefits when we make our shopping choices.Locally grown produce by Cumbrian farmers is included in Fairtrade discussions too.

Would you like a straw? I hope there\'s enough for everyone? It tastes really good!

Mrs Fincham's Class at Abbott Hall and Kendal Castle


Scientists in Action


Children amazed  everyone with their scientific knowledge and enquiry skills. Who will be a scientist when they grow up I wonder?

Exploring electricity Exploring forces Testing factors
You need to think about which factor you will change. Will this make a fair test? Tracking the temperature of the teachers\' baked potatoes

Messages sent to Nepal

Dr Metters is delivering a new set of messages to Bal Bigyan school from all of our classes in Haverigg. The children have been using the resources provided by Dr Metters loaded on our website to learn about Bal Bigyan the Kathmandu school we are linked with in Nepal. They have sent information about their life such as their favourite food for their lunchbox and sent a range of questions they have about their new friends in Nepal. Everyone is looking forward to the replies.

Ulverston Music Festival successes


Singing duet Martha Armstrong and Sophie Wills took first prize  at Ulverston Music Festival! Martha and Sophie performed their winning duet for the school and captivated their audience. The words of the song and the accomplished singing  impressed the children and staff alike. Well done both.
Sophie has had further successes at the Festival in piano and poetry too. She is a great example to us all.

Mrs Dawson's visit to KIS Malaysia


Batik  silk art outdoors Monsoon rain This looks familiar!
Everyone loves a story! Shade is important in Malaysia to escape the sun Clothes can be stored outside classrooms
Mrs Dawson has been describing the adventures and surprises form her recent visit to Kinabalu International School (KIS), Malaysia. KIS teachers were very impressed by the work our children are acheiving  through our assessment strategies and very interested  in the teaching skills we use to develop thinking skills.
Photos from Malaysia were shared and enjoyed in assembly this week allowing all children and teachers to learn more about  life in Malaysia. Mrs Dawson's Class are developing their link with an Orangutan Sanctuary to learn more about their work.

Haverigg Gala Queen and Royal Family


Congratulations to Emily Coulson, Haverigg Gala Queen 2009 also to Prince Gabriel Blackburn, Princess Aimee Hughes and Attendants Liam Berry and Kiera Reid. Although the weather was not kind the community were and turned out to support the day. THANK YOU to everyone. 1083 was raised altogether which is fantastic. Funds will support outdoor learning resources around the school.

Artist Tom Palin visits school


Click the link below to read about Tom Palin, northern artist working with the Lowry Art Gallery. He has visited school and worked with Mrs Dawson's Class and Mr Powell's Class to follow up the highly successful recent visit to The Lowry Art Gallery.

Everyone worked together to produce a large scale painting usng local landmarks mixed with Lowry's city scape  and distinctive Lancashire buildings. The children developed 3D sketching skills and learnt how to build up a portrait drawing. See the actual work on display in school.
Tom Palin's website

Community helps children with learning

This term has seen many parents and community members sparing time to come to talk to the Infants to describe the work they do and what they have to learn and practice. Lots of children now want to choose one of the careers for themselves in future. The Fire Engine and Ambulance were very popular!

Sleeping Beauty at the Duke's Theatre


The production of Sleeping Beauty kept the entire audience enthralled throughout the performance. The characters were expertly played and captivated the audience. The Princess was a modern young lady who knew her own mind and made her own decisions. The Prince was not keen on the prospect of a kiss but was of good character and knew he had to do his best to save the Princess. As with all the best raditional tales good conquered evil in the end.

Junior Christmas Show

The Juniors Christmas Show entertained audiences with music, song, dance, gymnastics, street dance, acting and The Story of the Nativity in French. It was a real royal variety performance enjoyed by all. Thank you all who attended the three performances throughout the week.

Santa's On Strike

The Infant production was amazing. Word perfect singing and confident acting. What a performance! Such a success!

Santa's Secret Christmas Tree!

If you go down to the Beach sometime you are in for a big surprise! You might not see a bear but you can see a Christmas Tree in an unusual position in the sand dunes. Seek and you will find!

Recycle your Christmas Cards


Don't waste your Christmas cards. Unless you have another use for them send them to school to be recycled.
The cards will be sent to the Woodland Trust who will receive money for the card .They will spend the money on planting lots of new trees making new woodland which will help our planet.

Visit the Woodland Trust website to find out more.

Thank you for your vouchers


Thank you also to  school governor, Mr Watson, for patiently collecting the vouchers that you donate. He regularly visits school and encourages children to collect the 'vouchers for schools' schemes. Here's the latest consignment of items from Tesco.   Art figures, camera and BeeBot cards for Beebot. ( Ask the Reception class about Beebot!)

The Lowry Salford Quays


Years 4,5 nd 6 visited The Lowry at Salford Quays and had an amazing day. From the first glimpse of Salford Quays the 'wows' were heard and continued throughout the  visit . One comment summed up the visit perfectly..."This is the best day of my life so far!"

The city landscape at Salford Quays is outstanding and presented a wonderful contrast to our village environment however the trip was planned by Mrs Dawson to extend children's experience of art and art galleries. The trip was supported financially by Eridge Trust.

Children's Book Week Celebrations


Once upon a time Haverigg school children used to wear school uniform but last Friday something different happened when everyone joined in the spirit of celebrating reading. Pupils and teachers arrived at school as their favourite book character dressed in amazing costumes. We particlularly enjoyed seeing Brer Fox, Hermione Grainger, several Horrid Henry's, numerous super heroes and beautiful fairytale princesses! Little Red Riding Hood, Meg and Mog, Mr Bump the list of well known characters was astounding.

As well as the characters everyone enjoyed the Where's Wally competition and Mr Powell's oral storytelling of 'The Talking Dog!". Judging by the enthusiam for celebrating Children's Book Week, story book characters are well and truly appreciated by Haverigg pupils.

Local Heritage Celebrations


Haverigg Primary School heritage celebrations were a great success and made all the more memorable as a result of the children attending school dressed in Edwardian and Victorian costume. The sight of every child and member of staff walking to the Lighthouse in costume made the children and community smile.

Haverigg Primary School invited villagers into school to share their stories from the past. Children and visitors alike enjoyed reminiscing over the school's collection of historical artefacts. School registers and records were particularly enjoyed. Visitors also enjoyed  following the Village Heritage Trail created by Miss Stonemen's class.

Click here to download the Heritage Newsletter for parents and carers
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